Essential Plan


Upto $100K MRR

  • Smart Dashboard
  • Interactive Reporting
  • Seamless Stripe Integration
  • Instant Data Updates
  • AI-powered Metrics Recommendation
  • Three Dashboards
  • 1 User
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Growth Plan


Upto $300K MRR

  • Everything in Essential Plus
  • Sharing and Collaboration
  • Live External Dashboard
  • Benchmarking
  • Predictive SaaS Trends
  • Advanced Financial & SaaS Metrics
  • Segmentation & Filters
  • Five Dashboards
  • 3 Users
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Scale Plan


Upto $2M MRR

  • Everything in Growth Plus
  • Investors Reporting
  • White Label
  • Advanced data Visualization
  • Custom Metrics
  • Third-party Integrations
  • Unlimited Dashboards
  • Unlimited Users
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Frequently Asked Questions

Grow Slash is a SaaS analytics dashboard designed to empower businesses to unlock their full growth potential. With a primary focus on optimizing Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR), our platform offers a comprehensive suite of metrics and insights to drive strategic decision-making and propel businesses forward.

Getting started with Grow Slash is effortless. Simply sign up and complete our integration wizard, and you'll have access to a ready-to-use dashboard showcasing the top trends and metrics relevant to your business. Our platform provides instant insights to jumpstart your growth journey.

Subscription analytics involves analyzing various factors that impact the subscription business model. This includes assessing metrics related to revenue, subscriptions, churn, and retention to understand and optimize business growth.

Dashboard Sharing on Grow Slash allows you to seamlessly share your SaaS analytics dashboard with internal and external stakeholders, including screens, monitors, investors, and partners. With a few clicks, you can securely share real-time insights and customized key metrics.

Grow Slash's AI-powered Metrics Recommendation engine leverages artificial intelligence and benchmarking to simplify the process of identifying key growth metrics tailored to your business. By analyzing your unique data and input from a specialized form, our AI engine provides a personalized list of critical metrics that are vital for accelerating your growth. Each recommended metric comes with detailed descriptions, equations, and examples, empowering you to focus on the metrics that matter most and optimize your growth strategy effectively.

Grow Slash offers a comprehensive range of SaaS metrics categorized under revenue, subscription, churn, and retention. Explore our full library of metrics to discover detailed insights tailored to your business needs.

Absolutely! Grow Slash supports seamless integration with various tools and platforms. Choose from our list of ready-to-use integrations or request custom integrations to streamline your workflow and enhance productivity.

Our Smart Dashboard provides an intuitive and interactive visualization of key metrics and trends in your business. It offers a holistic view of your performance, enabling you to make data-driven decisions with ease.

With Grow Slash, data analysis is quick and efficient. It only takes a few minutes to integrate your data and gain access to our smart and interactive dashboard, providing instant insights into your business performance.

Say goodbye to data silos and hello to Seamless Stripe Integration!
Our Seamless Stripe Integration grants Grow Slash access to your payment history, allowing us to convert raw data into actionable insights. Our state-of-the-art solution ensures that you can easily track and analyze key trends and changes in your Stripe data.

At Grow Slash, instant updates are standard across all our plans. You'll always have access to real-time data insights, keeping you ahead of the curve.

At Grow Slash, your privacy and security are our top priorities. Rest assured that we adhere to the highest industry standards, including SOC2 Type II compliance. With robust privacy and security measures in place, you can trust Grow Slash to keep your data safe and secure at all times.
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